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Filter Chrome

10.30 for Android

The Description Of Filter Chrome

Filter Chrome is the only self control wellbeing app that combines a powerful app blocker and leading web filtering to help in the fight against internet pornography, adult content, NSFW and helps you stay focused on your mobile device.

Make Chrome Safe.
Your Android device has Google Chrome as its default browser. It is not filtered and can easily be used to browse adult content. Filter Chrome makes your Chrome safe and filtered from inappropriate content, including your Google searches. Premium feature.

Limit Adult Content. Automatically.
Browse the internet without the worry of accidentally falling into inappropriate content as it finds you these days. Filter Chrome blocks all Unfiltered Browsers on your device. Only our SPIN Safe Browser and Chrome can be used for a safer internet experience. You can block any specific domains too.

Self Manage or Be Accountable.
Be accountable to yourself or to your trusted partner. Enable Filter Chrome’s Lock feature to make it very difficult to remove but easily reversible. Request a token to receive an unlock token - you’ll receive it if using our self-manage mode or the token will be sent to your Trusted Partner.

Your Digital Wellbeing Matters.
We all spend a tad too much time on our devices and some are downright addicted. Filter Chrome’s app blocking technology can block or set time limits on any installed app on your Android device. Have apps you spend too much time on? Set a daily limit to break free from time wasting apps in categories such as games, social media and streaming platforms.

Exclusive Feature via Samsung Knox Users with Samsung Devices, open Filter Chrome > open Settings and scroll to bottom of the screen for Knox options. These are features are available for both our Freemium and Premium version but only lockable from change with our paid version.

✅ Use our free SPIN Safe Browser as your default browser
❌Free app blocker blocks popular unfiltered web browser apps and embedded browser activities automatically
📊 Review your daily device usage with detailed app breakdowns
📲 Samsung Knox security features

Includes a 7 day free trial when you start a subscription
🛡 Filter Chrome: Chrome browser web filter for your Android devices
🚫 App blocker: block new app installs and any installed apps, package names
⏳ Daily App Timer: set daily limits on any installed app
🔐 Lock feature
👤 Self-managed Accountability Token delay
👥 Accountability Partner Token management
✅ Edit Web Filter Categories
🌐 Block custom websites
📲 Samsung Knox security features + prevent changes when Prevent Removal is enabled

Visit our Knowledge Base:

Important Notes
● Filter Chrome only filter Chrome or SPIN Safe Browsers. Other browser are not supported and blocked automatically
● Easily uninstall by opening Filter Chrome and from side drawer tap on Uninstall Filter Chrome. If Prevent Removal is enabled, you will be asked to request an unlock token
● Our Prevent Removal feature will require you to request a token in order to uninstall Filter Chrome. Make sure to read the instructions prior to enabling this mode. This feature can be used for users who have enabled a trial or have an active subscription of Filter Chrome
● If you are a Parent looking for a solution for your child's safe web browsing but also looking at additional controls such as screen time, app time limits, call/text safety features and location tracking - get Boomerang Parental Control available on the Play Store

Additional App Notes
Filter Chrome uses the Device Administrator permission
Filter Chrome uses Accessibility services

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